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Principal’s Welcome


Learning programs at Tasmanian eSchool are purpose built and personalised with a clear intent to challenge and inspire. They are rigorous and fun.


Teachers aim to maintain high levels of curiosity, so that students are keen to jump on-line to find out what’s next on their learning journey.


At the eSchool we are committed to providing our learners with the very best education. Our teachers are on a mission to become state experts in blended learning pedagogies and curriculum content. With this clear purpose of achievement in mind, our school aims to build a learning community who are passionate about using technologies that push the boundaries to enable our learners to connect and contribute more deeply to society.


Our personalised learning programs at the eSchool provide multiple entry points where flexibility and autonomy increases opportunities for learners to access education that reflects their aspirations and facilitates attainment.


Creating best practice in online learning programs will, overtime enable:

  • improved learning experience
  • increased quality of teaching experienced by the learner
  • robust digital curriculum with engaging and interactive content
  • a flexible pace with opportunity for learners to advance, stay on target or skill up
  • interactive platforms to support socialisation among students
  • opportunities for advanced learning by connecting to university programs


The eSchool is in a unique position in that it has campuses both north and south so students have access to their teachers through on-site visits, school activity days or visits by support staff to the family home.


Our learners, for whatever reason, experience barriers to education and we want to ensure that when it comes to their educational program they are provided with the best learning experience possible.